Lactovit Lactooil range of products

Lactovit Lactooil

Lactooil range of products is particularly formulated for intensely moisturising extra-dry skins, leaving your skin smooth, clear and radiant.

The formulas of Lactooil line contain a combination of Nourishing Oils and Essential Calcium that intensely act on the skin, revitalising it and activating the mechanisms of reparation and regeneration
Enriched with double Vitamins and Proteins from Milk to feed your skin in depth, it also has a rich texture and delicate fragrance.  

Sweet almond oil & Hazelnut oil: Nourish, revitalise and protect

Nourishing oils

Lactooil products, with sweet almond and hazelnut oils, nourishes, revitalizes and protects the skin. Its retaining moisture favours the hydration. This range of products, forms a protective barrier over the skin and repairs it. The E Vitamin it contains benefits the antioxidant activity. It brings elasticity, smoothness and luminosity to your skin.

Find out the essential calcium functions on your skin!

Essential calcium from milk

Lactooil range with essential calcium form milk, helps in the process of cellular renewal, it stimulates the adhesion of the skin's cells and maintains the barrier function. Its properties, leaves your skin softer and revitalized.