3-IN-1 formula

The LACTOVIT MEN gels are specialised in men’s skin care.

Their exclusive 3-IN-1 formula, made with active softeners, is suitable for:

  • Body: it prevents dry skin
  • Face: it cares for the skin after shaving
  • Hair: more hydrated, softer hair


More and more men suffer from some type of skin condition, + 55% during the last year. Therefore, more and more use specific personal care products to care for their skin type.

Lactovit MEN LACTOUREA bath gel for dry skin is a REPAIRING gel that contains Lactic Acid and Pure Urea, responsible for repairing the skin in depth thanks to its ultra-moisturising properties. Its dual action captures moisture for intensive hydration while creating a barrier effect to keep the skin hydrated.


To maintain strong and youthful-looking skin, we need a shower gel that strengthens and nourishes the skin intensely. As a result we obtain more elastic, firmer and more hydrated skin

Lactovit MEN DEOACTION bath gel with deodorising action, strengthens the skin, nourishing it intensely, and has an odour control system, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness.



With our normal or intense daily physical activity, the skin’s mineral salt balance is disturbed. Just as with our body, it is very clear that after a physical activity we must replace the sugars and mineral salts that we have lost in order to re-balance and rehydrate it; with the skin you have to do something similar.

Lactovit MEN ACTIVE bath gel is formulated with revitalising active ingredients that restore the balance of mineral salts to leave our skin balanced and hydrated after physical activity.