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How old are you?

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What is your skin tone?

Very light




What is your skin type?

Healthy, normal appearance

Dry, dehydrated and dull

Very dry, rough-looking and sometimes with slight damage

Sensitive, presents itching and irritation

What do you need for your skin?

Moisturising and nutrition

Repairing for dry skins


Luminosity and extra care


Care for sensitive skins

Protection and firmness

A solution for every skin type


Hydrated and nourished skin

The Lactovit ORIGINAL range strengthens all the family’s skin thanks to its formulas with PROTEIN CALCIUM.

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Lactourea from Lactovit, the world experts in Urea and dry skin, repairs your skin every day.

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It protects and activates the skin’s natural defences with L. CASEI F

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Products and novelties


Armpit irritation: causes and prevention

Armpit irritation is a more common problem than we might think. The use of certain products in our daily hygiene can cause reactions in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the armpits, favouring appearance of redness or itching if it is not properly treated and cared for. But why does armpit irritation […]

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What is urea and what is it for?

Urea is a natural substance that is formed as a result of our body’s natural metabolic action in the cells. We can find urea in the superficial layer of our skin, and it is considered a natural moisturising factor of our body. Its main functions are: Keeping the skin hydrated Protecting and repairing our skin […]

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Washing your hands properly is the first step in keeping them healthy and preventing viruses and infections

Performing proper body hygiene and washing your hands well, are some of the essential measures to combat and repel viruses. Here we share everything you need to know to help prevent coronavirus with proper hand hygiene and moisturising. The importance of daily hand washing according to the WHO According to the World Health Organisation, “multi-resistant, […]

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Discover how to take care of the personal hygiene of the whole family

Taking care of personal hygiene is today one of the three most important pillars to prevent viral infections, along with maintaining a social distance and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. As the authorities have informed us, staying at home is essential, but even here we must maintain body care. Since it is a fundamental measure of […]

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