Armpit irritation: causes and prevention

Hydrated and nourished skin

Armpit irritation is a more common problem than we might think. The use of certain products in our daily hygiene can cause reactions in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the armpits, favouring appearance of redness or itching if it is not properly treated and cared for. But why does armpit irritation occur?

As it is a particularly sensitive and thin area that receives less sunlight, the armpits are more sensitive to external aggressions such as waxing or friction from clothing. Excess sweating is another of the main causes of irritation and itching in the armpits. Choosing a good deodorant can generally help to avoid it, but what other reasons can affect and lead to irritated armpits?

Main causes of armpit irritation and how to prevent them

Hair removal

The continued use of razors can seriously injure the skin, therefore, it is advisable to change razor with every few uses, and to choose those with moisturising bands. Likewise, shaving will be easier if, in addition to the bath gel we use, we do it while we shower, since the hot water opens the pores and makes hair removal easier.

The use of waxes for armpit hair removal is another factor that can cause irritation, so the area should always be very well hydrated after application.

Incomplete hygiene

Not applying proper daily hygiene in the armpits can lead to the proliferation of bacteria that cause irritation and odours. As it is a very thin, permeable area of ​​the body not reached by sunlight, the conditions that cause armpit itching and acidity are favoured.

Lack of exfoliation and proper skin treatment   

Like the skin in the rest of our body, armpit skin needs to breathe, perspire and hydrate, since, like the rest of the dermis, it produces waste and dead skin. As if that were not enough, this area is in constant friction with clothing, which promotes its “hypersensitivity”.

Therefore, we must be constant in their care, applying the appropriate creams and products for each type of skin, preferably at night. Why? Because as our body maintains less physical activity, it produces greater tissue regeneration during our hours of rest.

Dermatitis caused by other products

The use of certain perfumes or deodorants that contain alcohol in the armpits, as well as the application of home remedies such as lemon or bicarbonate “recommended” on many internet portals as a “solution” for skin blemishes, can produce serious irritation and allergies in this area.

In this case, choosing a good deodorant is essential

How to cure armpit irritation?

Mainly by maintaining adequate hydration in this area. In most situations, irritations can also disappear quickly through correct personal hygiene, by showering and using mild deodorants for the skin.

However, if irritation or odours persist, these problems can lead to other kinds of symptoms, for which it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor.

The armpits can warn you about your health

The armpits are made up of a large number of sweat glands and, as we mentioned a little above, it is an area that favours the growth of bacteria that cause odours.

Sometimes these bad smells can be an alert to health problems related to hormonal changes or a sign of possible diabetes due to disorders in the body’s ability to process sugars.

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