Skin cells, like all cells in the body, need energy to function properly.

Over time, cells lose their ability to create energy reserves to deal with external aggressions such as:

Temperature changes
Chemical agents
Ultra Violet Radiation

In this way; the outermost layers of skin cells, which acts as a defence barrier against external aggressions, lose their ability to function properly.

Lactovit’s PROTECTIVE range contains L. CASEI F., an ingredient that activates the skin’s defences by creating a protective barrier so that the skin maintains optimal moisture levels, and protecting it from severe external aggressions.

L CASEI F. is an active ingredient with anti-fatigue properties that helps the skin, particularly during periods of activity, to better manage its energy reserves throughout the day:

  • It offers the cells the necessary precursors to create energy reserves
  • It stimulates and activates the skin’s natural defences.

Protected skin is the secret to youthful skin.